The History of Stuart’s Seafood Market

“Follow the fish to Stuart’s and you’ll get the catch of the day.” — That’s how Stuart’s Seafood Market began. In the spring of 1955 Stuart Vorpahl, Sr. and his sons Billy and Stuart Jr. built a packing station to send their shipments to the Fulton Fish Market. Locals and tourists alike began following the fleet of pickup trucks towing their boats to the booming enterprise. The demand was so great they just had to open their doors to the public, establishing the oldest continuously operated seafood market on the East End.

For the passionate cook, Stuart’s offers essential and exotic ingredients including an extensive line of gluten free products. We love stocking the pantry with a wide variety of specialty grains, oils, vinegars, and condiments to inspire your kitchen creativity. Our chowders and bisques, salads and sides are made daily. Our baked clams, lobster cakes and cedar- planked salmon inspire legions of fans. Don’t forget to pick up some of Charlotte’s Ginger Key Lime Marinade too. We feature local cheeses, breads, fresh fruit pies, key lime pies and much more. And if you don’t see what you need, just ask — we prepare many special orders!